Johannes Flecker


Bach 137 | Singer, Arranger, Producer

Spain (I Can Recall) | Singer

Phantom of the Opera | Singer, Arranger

What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? | Singer

Composer | Arranger

Nostalgia | Composer, Producer, Mixing Engineer

Across The Universe | Singer, Arranger, Producer

Light Of The World | Singer, Composer


A Fool, But Better | Singer, Songwriter, Arranger, Conductor

Where Is It Written | Arranger, Producer

Capriccio For Orchestra | Composer, Conductor

Baroque Invention | Composer

Songwriter | Producer

EP Yicheng Wu: Gone Are The Years | Executive Producer
EP Yicheng Wu: The Lightning Could Strike | Executive Producer


Dancing In The Rain | Songwriter, Producer

Never Say Goodbye | Singer, Songwriter, Producer