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“The most innovative brainstorming session I have ever experienced.”

/ Abhishek Prabhuda . VP ENGINEERING . Delhivery Logistics /

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Leadership Capabilities

Agile Change

Select projects: Fortune 200 chemical company North America

Design, project management and delivery agile leadership development programs.

Setup and management agile sprint sessions, session facilitation

Organizational review, focus group interviews, digital readiness analysis, design of recommendations

Hogan psychometric assessments, group digital readiness analysis, leadership coaching

Strategy and Innovation

Select projects: Fortune 5 car maker North America / Fortune 200 Bank Asia • German cancer research center / Delhivery logistics India

Accompaniment strategy development, strategy methodology

Strategy workshop facilitation

Vision and mission creation

Management system audit

Brand Management

Brand Personality Assessment

Brand Development

Market Research

Multivariate Data Analytics

Startups and Entrepreneurship

Select projects: Ivy League Summer Institute at Harvard University / Berklee Brown Entrepreneurship summer camp

Design thinking, ideation and prototyping

Entrepreneurial mindset

Leadership Development

Select projects: Helmholtz academy / Fortune 100 bank / Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship / Ivy League Summer Institute at Yale University

Self-management, team management, management principles, tasks and tools

Management of an organization (strategy, structure, culture)

Leading several dozen leadership development seminars with 300 scientists

Employee Engagement

Select projects: Boston Consulting Group / Fidelity Investments / Fortune 100 bank

Resilience and uncertainty with musical storytelling

Team development with team songwriting

Vision and mission development

Presentation and Communication Skills

Select projects: German Scholar Organization / Greenhorn Connect startup program

Presentation and performance skills

Communication skills


“I loved the process and structure. It gave us the opportunity to understand how to manage different points of view.”


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