Johannes Flecker

it deeply matters TO imagine your story as a song.

Johannes Flecker

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“I am not creative”

That’s the self-sabotaging song I hear every single day. Performed by the entrepreneur on Upper East Side. By the cashier at Trader Joe’s. By the IT head of the health care giant. By the crypto-currency guru in the financial district.

This mindset is dead wrong.

And it is dangerous.

It is my mission to change this surprisingly common belief.

I work with people from all paths of life, with CEOs, marketing teams, and high school students, helping them experience that they have a massively underused creative power and that

it’s AN obligation

to use it abundantly, to be a role model and to shine, in business and in life.


If your story were a song, how would it sound?

Johannes Flecker



Dr. Johannes Flecker is a management advisor and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Sound Leadership, a New York-based creative leadership consultancy. He earned a business Ph.D. and he is a summa cum laude graduate from Berklee College of Music.

He leads complex agile change, leadership development and digital transformation projects for Fortune 200 companies in the United States, Europe and Asia. He is a faculty member at the Applied Innovation Institute, he is part of the leadership team of Goeman Bind HTO policy think-tank, advisory board at Kaden Boriss Global Law, and he was an adjunct professor for marketing at the University of Graz, Austria. 

As an enthusing keynote speaker, Johannes performs at conferences globally such as the Swiss Economic Forum, the Dubai Human Capital Forum, the American Marketing Association and the London Open Innovation Summit. He is author of a book and articles about music, brand management, leadership, and storytelling. Johannes received awards by the American Marketing Association and the Austrian Academy for Sciences. 

Born and raised in a family of classical musicians in Austria, Johannes has lived and worked in India, Switzerland, France, Spain, and India. He resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with his partner.


The biggest challenge FOR LEADERS IS their MASSIVE fear of failure.

Johannes Flecker



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“It was a super cool session. It encourages to reflect your own situation and provides a new perspective.”

/ Daniel Meier . Founder & CEO . Aerotain /

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