Johannes Flecker

what other say about johannes

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“To say it went deep would be a substantial understatement.’



“The most innovate brainstorming session I have ever experienced.”



Johannes Flecker embodies what’s possible when you apply music thinking in a new way.”


“You converted the non-believers into understanding.”

/ Marla Felcher . Board of Directors . The Philanthropy Connection /


“I have been engaged in management education for several years, but have yet to come across such a unique methodology for infusing creativity in a structured, accessible manner.”

/ PARTICIPANT . Babson Executive Education /


“Johannes is able to perfectly blend a background of traditional business consulting with the creativity and soulfulness of a musician to create something wholly different and unique.”

/ Panos Panay . VP Strategy and Innovation . Berklee College of Music /


“The fact that you could get a room full of non-song writers to get SO enthusiastic about the idea is a testament to your talents!”

/ Sarah Springer. PRINCIPAL . Jacobs DESIGN /

“A thrilling experience when Johannes transforms a rigid business atmosphere into a vibrating songwriting session.”

/ Martin Ostermaier . Founder Inter Ax Biotech . Zurich, Switzerland /


“This session really made me think differently about my career trajectory for the next 20 years.”

/ Participant . Stockholm School of Economics . Boston, MA /


“[Johannes Flecker’s] utilization of musical composition as an artistic channel for galvanizing leadership skills was highly appreciated (...).”

/ Murad Mirza . Organizational Architect . Human Capital Forum . Dubai, UAE /


“My favorite was going to the recording studio (...) It created a safe environment where everyone could be more of themselves out of the classroom (...) We were also able to grasp the basic ideas of working together and thinking creatively that are needed in the business world. I definitely would consider this as the highlight of my time here at Harvard.”

/ Student . Ivy League Summer Institute at Harvard University /


“Unique and excellent.”

/ Client organizer . University of Liverpool /


“Meaningful, insightful, fun, applicable.”

/ Participant . american society for Quality . Charlottesville, VA /